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    Academic Achievement, Socio-economic background, Bangladesh [1]
    Acquirer, Issuer, Merchant, Cardholder. [1]
    Advertising, University students, Attitude, Dhaka city [1]
    ARDL, bound testing, error correcting term, exchange rate, govt. expenditure, inflation, interest rate, money supply. [1]
    B-Schools, Privatisation, job security, BIMSTEC [1]
    Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission; Day of the week effects; Dhaka Stock Exchange; Returns; Volatility [1]
    Bangladesh, China, India and Myanmar Economic Corridor (BCIM-EC), Trade and investment, Economic cooperation, Comparative advantages, Evolution, Socio-economic development, GDP, One belt, one road. [1]
    Benchmark, Poverty alleviation, Government, Non-Government Organization, Bangladesh [1]
    BFRS, disclosure, banks, compliance, private commercial banks. [1]
    Brand Equity, Brand Metrics, Brand Effectiveness [1]
    Career decision, Aspiration for an ideal occupation, Locus of control, Effort Invested, Willingness to compromise, Consulting with others, Pay, Family influence, Job security. [1]
    Central Bank, Monetary Policy, Forecasting and Simulation. JEL classification: E58, E52 and E47 [1]
    Class Sizes, Quality Education, Small and Medium Class Sizes, Large Class Sizes, Tertiary Level. [1]
    climate change, global warming, rice productivity, Bangladesh agriculture JEL codes: Q15 [1]
    Consumer response, Superstore, Marketing mix [1]
    Consumerism, Enlightened Marketing, Integrated Protection Framework [1]
    Consumption, MPC, Bangladesh [2]
    Corporate Dividend Policy, Corporate Taxation, Effective Tax Rate, Listed Pharmaceuticals Companies. [1]
    Corporate governance, firm performance, listed firms, Bangladesh, Dhaka Stock Exchange [1]
    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), ISO 26000 [1]
    Corporate social responsibility, economic aspect, social aspect, environmental aspect and sustainable development [1]
    Corporate social responsibility, private commercial banks, state owned banks, framework, disclosure, contributions [1]
    Country Risk, International Finance, Country Risk Effect, Risk Analysis, Norway, Venezuela [1]
    Credit rating, General Insurance Company, Life Insurance Company. [1]
    CRS, DBBL, image of the organization [1]
    CSR Initiatives, Customers’ Loyalty, Financial Institutions, Financial Institutions Marketing [1]
    Curriculum Development, Curriculum Development Process, Quality education, Learner [1]
    Distance learning, Virtual learning, Digital Bangladesh. [1]
    E-commerce, Factors, Eigen values and online shopping. [1]
    E-learning, Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), behavioral intention, Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), [1]
    eBook stakeholders, engaging readers, peer-interaction, eBook production, designing eBook interactivity, academic eBooks, business courses [1]
    economic value added, performance, ratio analysis [1]
    Electronic Commerce, Online Shopping, Traditional Shopping [1]
    Employee Turnover, Causes of Employee Turnover, Private Commercial Banks, Factor Analysis [1]
    FDI, Make in India, Business Environment, Government Reforms, Bullet Train, Industrial Corridor, Economic Corridor. [1]
    Feldstein-Horika puzzle, Panel Smooth Threshold Regression models, Johansen Long Run Co integrating Equation, TVP, saving-investment association, capital mobility, instability. JEL Classification: E200, N150. [1]
    Financial market, private commercial banks, accounting ratios, market share price. [1]
    Food crop marketing, Regression analysis, Priority Index [1]
    Formal sector, Informal sector, Entrepreneurship [1]
    Google classroom, model teacher, personality of a teacher, teaching techniques [1]
    Housing Finance, Housing Loan, Specialized Financial Institutions [1]
    HRM, POSDCORB, University Libraries and HR Functions. [1]
    Images of Darkness; Conflicts and Contradictions; Synecdoche; Vision of Modern Life [1]
    Inflation, price, expenditure, savings. [1]
    Inflation, Stock market, VECM, Co-integration test, Bangladesh. JEL Classification: E31, G11 [1]
    Intellectual Capital Audit, Safety Audit, Span of Control Audit, Bangladesh Perspective. [1]
    Intellectual capital, Intangible assets, Disclosure [1]
    Islamic Entrepreneurship, Women Entrepreneur, Institutional Theory [1]
    KEY WORDS: Curriculum, analytical ability, management education, relevance, attitudes [1]
    Key Words: VAR model; Granger causality; Bangladesh; real consumption; real GDP. [1]
    Keywords: Bloom’s Taxonomy (BT); Tertiary level education; Lower Order Cognitive (LOC); Higher Order Cognitive (HOC) [1]
    Keywords: Creative Entrepreneurs, Micro and small enterprises, Personal income [1]
    Keywords: English for Specific Purposes; English for General Purposes; needs analysis; Course objective; class environment [1]
    Keywords: Grocery purchasing, consumer behaviour, traditional & modern retail [1]
    Keywords: lesson plan, lectures, presentations [1]
    Keywords: Natural Resources, Non- market Valuation, Zonal Travel Cost, Recreational Benefits, Kuakata Sea Beach. [1]
    Keywords: Perception, professional accountants, accounting professors, investors, and stockbrokers [1]
    Keywords: Social entrepreneurship, Business entrepreneurship, social entrepreneur [1]
    Leadership, Motivation, Pattern, Transformational, Transactional, Directive and Supportive Leadership [1]
    Lean Supply chain, apparel industry [1]
    Liquidity, Net liquidity gap, key performance indicators [1]
    Management Development, Training, Bank, Staff development [1]
    Micro credit, urban, rural, poor, income, consumption, Bangladesh. [1]
    Microenterprise, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, behavioral aspects, startup, [1]
    Monetary policy, hypothesis, GDP, Money Supply, M2, macro-economic research. [1]
    NGO, Transparency, Governance, Management, Strategies, Value Addition, Value Based Management etc. [1]
    Non-profit organization, Sponsorship, Marketing Communication, etc [1]
    Pre-purchase evaluation factors, baby food, breast feeding and infant formula. [1]
    Present job, present pay, opportunity for promotion, supervision, coworkers [1]
    Private Commercial Banks (PCBs), Nationalized Commercial Banks (NCBs), Bangladesh Bank (BB), Economic Development, Bangladesh. [1]
    Private commercial banks, Dividend policy, Bank size [1]
    Public Relations, Marketing, University Library, Library Services and Goodwill. [1]
    Read-made garment (RMG), Export, Import, Growth rate, Bangladesh. [1]
    Real Estate, Buyers, Factors, Buying Attitude, Real Estate Marketing. [1]
    REHAB, idiom, loading, parallel test, pattern matrix. [1]
    Remittance, foreign exchange, current account [1]
    Safety Audit, High-Rise Shopping Malls, Safety Audit Techniques [1]
    SCPL (Square Consumer Product Ltd.), ‘Radhuni’ spices powder, Consumers’ Opinion, Marketing Pattern and practice, Product quality. [1]
    Self-leadership, Motivation, Personal goal setting, Self-monitoring, Self- reinforcement [1]
    Small-scale industry, Managerial efficiency, Human resources [1]
    SMAT, Business strategy, Satisfaction level [1]
    Social Business, Empowerment, Rural Women, Grameen Credit [1]
    Socialization, Management, Human Resource Department (HRD), Employee, Motivation, Employees turnover [1]
    Solar Panels, Conjoint Analysis, Selection Criteria, Commercialization, Attributes and Levels. [1]
    Street vendor, income, employment, service. [1]
    Tax revenue, Fiscal policy effectiveness, Time SeriesData [1]
    Teaching EFL, tertiary level, audio aids, a plus [1]
    TQM, Library Management, Quality Services [1]
    Transitional economies, probability of subsidy, Government. [1]
    UBL, Financial Services, Service Quality, SERVQUAL, Gap Analysis, Bank, Bangladesh [1]
    Working Capital Management, Profitability, IBBL, ROE [1]