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    .Natural convection, Boussinesq approximation, Similarity transformation, Suction and blowing. [1]
    3GPP, LTE, OFDM, CDF, and PAPR [1]
    3GPP,LTE, OFDMA, CCDF and PAPR. [1]
    : Viscosity, ultrasonic velocity, ibb’s free energy, hydrogen bond, interaction parameter. [1]
    Algorithm, partial k-trees, edge- ranking, spanning tree. [1]
    Almost critically damped nonlinearsystems, perturbation technique, Runge-Kutta procedure. [1]
    Antimicrobial activity, care properties, Denim fabric, Medicinal herbs, Micro-encapsulation and Wash durability [1]
    Antitone, Bijections, Section, Sectional Mapping, Compatibility Condition. [1]
    Apron draft, spindle speed, fine jute yarn. [1]
    Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT), and Solar Vehicles. [1]
    ASIP , System and, System Level Design [1]
    ASL character, Face recognition, PCA, Person-specific subspace method [1]
    Bacterial identification, industrial effluents, gram negative. [1]
    Barré, micronaire, color grade, immaturity, mixing, laydown. [1]
    Battery operated auto-rickshaw; Duration of consumption; Fuel consumption; Fuel operated vehicles; Load-shedding; Urban emission reduction [1]
    Bio-electricity, Biogas, PCA, Stirling generator. [1]
    Bioequivalence, Esomeprazole pellets, Soft foods, Gastric environment, Dissolution. [1]
    Biological Activity, diphenic acid, heterocylic amine, mixed ligand complexes [1]
    Biometric Technologies, Automatic Speaker Identification, Cepstral Coefficients, Feature Extraction, Hidden Markov Model. [1]
    Bit Error Rate (BER), Light Amplification Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER), Power Budget, Time Budget, Graded Index (GI) Fiber, and Avalanche Photo Diode (APD). [1]
    Bit error rate, Fast convergence, Leaky factor, Mean square error, Proportionate NLMS algorithm. [1]
    Bleaching, Chromophore, Oxidizing Agent, Per Hydroxyl Ion, Hypochlorous Ion, Dechlorination [1]
    Blending, Yarns, Bamboo/Cotton ratio, Ring spun yarn, Physical Properties [2]
    Boundary Layer, Heat generation, Magnetic field, Nusselt number and Thermophoresis. [1]
    Brain Atlas, mesh generator, soft tissue deformation, mathematical modeling. [1]
    Carbon dioxide, Concentration, Greenhouse, Emission, Pollution [1]
    Cassava Starch, Cores, Binders, Shear Strength, Clay and Foundry sand [1]
    CBE, CBS, RBD, HPK Oil, Hydrogenation, Cocoa butter [1]
    Cellular Telecommuuication, Ant Colony System (AC S), Base Transceiver Station (BTS), Mobile Switching Center (ll/ISC). [1]
    Channel estimation, Rayleigh fading channels, OFDM, pilots. [1]
    Coir fibre, coir dust, Fibre extraction, Geo-coir. [1]
    Common Channel Signaling No.7 (CCS7), R2 Signaling or Multi-frequency Coded (MFC) Signalin and, SS7 message. [1]
    Concurrency theory, Mobile computation, Programming language, Agent Interaction. [1]
    Convective flow, Micropolar fluid, Heat transfer, Electric conductivity, Inclined plate and Locally self-similar solution [1]
    Cover Medium, Human Vision System, Stego Video, Attack Detection, Steganography. [1]
    Crossover, Fitness function, Genetic Algorithm, Mutation, Population, Selection [1]
    Data integration, mediators, queries processing, data heterogeneity, distributed database, Integration Mediation Kit. [1]
    Data integration, mediators, query processing, data heterogeneity, distributed database, Integration Mediation Kit. [1]
    DDBMS, Data Fragmentation, Linear Search, RMI. [1]
    Denim apparel, sand blasting, back staining, pumice stones, enzyme wash. [1]
    Density, Apparent and partial molal volume, viscosity coefficient. [1]
    Diesel, rice bran oil, methyl esters, emissions. [1]
    Differential-algebraic equations, index concept, canonical forms. [1]
    Digital Environment, Challenges, Opportunities and Infrastructure, Accessibility [1]
    Digital Signature, Elliptic Curve, Finite Field, ECDSA, Hashing [1]
    Direct Digital Synthesis, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Look-Up Table, Code Composer Studio. [1]
    Disaster management, floodplain, geographic information systems, geoinformation technology, risk assessment. [1]
    Disparity map, Stereo correspondence, Stereo Vision, 3D Scene Reconstruction. [1]
    Drill Bit, Wear, Variability, Silica Content, Rock, Strength, Rebounds, Quarries [1]
    Drought, IdM, IhS, IcD and Annual rainfall assurance (A%). [1]
    Drought, IdM, Ihs, IcD, Annual rainfall assurance (A%), Tropical monsoon and Tropical savanna. [1]
    Dynamic load balancing, distributed systems, heterogeneity, dynamic network loads. [1]
    Dynamic response, energy absorption of the plate, steel fibres and plate specimens [1]
    E-Learning Management System, Semantic web, RDF, Ontology [1]
    Endoparasitic, Infestation, Channa punctatus, Hatchery, Sewage, Lagoon [1]
    English to Bangla, Intelligent, Lexicon, Machine Translation, Parsing and Semantic [1]
    Ethanol, Diesel, Partially Stabilized Zirconia (PSZ); Low Heat Rejection (LHR). [1]
    Euler totient set; Euler totient function; Euler even and odd graphs; Density of the graphs; Probability of the graphs. [1]
    Fingerlings, water salinities, Ionic regulation and osmic regulations [1]
    Finite Element Method (FEM), Crack Propagation, Parallel computation, Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM). [1]
    Food items, IJSG criterion, JBO, Jute sacks, Unsaponifiables, Vegetable oils. [1]
    Fourier series, Polyalphabetic Encryption, Symmetric Key, Masking Function. [1]
    fragrance finish, anti-microbial finish, anti-fungal finish, A-line frock and enzyme washing. [1]
    Front-end, Phonemic and Word segmentation, Clustering, End Point Detection. [1]
    Fuzzy arithmetic, Fuzzy number, Membership Function, Interval arithmetic, α - cut. [1]
    Fuzzy logic controller, power system dynamic performance, and SMES unit. [1]
    Fuzzy set, fuzzy number distribution functions, complementary distribution functions, membership function, valuation set, and arithmetic of fuzzy number. [1]
    Galvanomagnetic properties, Hall mobility Indium antimonide (InSb), indium (In) shortbar electrode. [1]
    Genetic Algorithm, Entropy, Concept Learner, Continuous Attribute. [1]
    Genetic Algorithm, Fuzzy Logic, Mutation, Mating, Chromosome, Fitness evaluation function. [1]
    Gesture Recognition, Sign Language, HMM [1]
    Ground water, leachates, cadmium, dumpsite, pollution, physicochemical, borehole [1]
    Handmade, Jute, Paper, Reinforcement, Strength [1]
    Handmade, Jute, Paper, Hydrophobic, Sizing material [1]
    HEMT, Trap charge, impact ionization [1]
    Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulence, Direct Numerical Simulation, Local Flow Pattern, Velocity Gradient Tensor, Second Invariant, Tube- Like Vortical Structure. [1]
    HPGe Detector, Radionuclides, Fertilizer, Activity Concentration, Efficiency curve [1]
    Hydrological Characteristics, Mean Discharge, Peak Discharge, Surma River, Sylhet. [1]
    Incineration, landfill, recycle, reduce, reuse, solid waste. [1]
    Indium antimonide (InSb), thin films, vacuum evaporation, Hall effect, crystal structure, stoichiometry, carrier concentration, Hall mobility. [1]
    Insolation, Pyranometer, Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV), and Solar radiation (G). [1]
    Internet, parallel port, interface box, remote control. [1]
    Intersecting gilling, drawing achines, spinning machines, jute yarn. [1]
    Invasive species, Aquaculture, Indigenous species, Aquatic ecosystem, Ballast [1]
    IP QoS, FIFO, PQ, FQ, WFQ [1]
    Janus particles, Polyester, Water repellency, Contact angle, Surface. [1]
    Jute, Cotton, Washing, Strength, Blended, Mechanical, Weight, Curtain. [1]
    Jute, union fabric, cotton fabric, warp yarn, weft yarn, sized, properties [1]
    Jute, union fabric, cotton fabric, warp yarn, weft yarn, sized, properties. [1]
    Keywords: First-Principles Study, Perovskites solar cell, Solar cell, Structural, Electronic and Optical Properties of Perovskites solar cell. [1]
    Keywords: Flight Crew, Flight Crew Scheduling Problem, NyorRauf Transformation Algorithm, Karmarkar Interior Point scheme [1]
    Klebsiella sp., plasmid, antimicrobial susceptibility, multidrug resistan and, sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) [1]
    Least mean square algorithm, Frequency domain, Leaky factor, Bit error rate, Mean square error. [1]
    Load frequency control, single area power system, automatic generation control, superconducting magnetic energy storage unit, fuzzy frequency controller. [1]
    Machine Translation, OpenNLP Library, POS Tagging, Statistical Context Free Description [1]
    Machine Translator, Web Translator, POS Tagging, Parsing, HTML Parsing, Verb Mapping [1]
    martempered ductile iron, step-quenching, ductile iron, quenchant, interrupted quenching, process variables (Time and Temperatures). [1]
    Mathematical programming, function, feasible-region, constraints, optimal solution. [1]
    Merge sort, merging, recursion, base case, running time, divide & conquer. [1]
    Merge Sort, Tri-Merge Sort And Sorting Algorithms. [1]
    Mergesort, recursive calls, auxiliary array, bottom-up. [1]
    MFCC, Syllable-based grouping, Speaker independent, End-point detection and Euclidian distance [1]
    MHD flow, radiation, magnetic field, kinematic viscosity and thermal diffusivity. [1]
    MHDflow, Porous plate, Schmidt number, Viscous Dissipation, Skin-friction [1]
    Microstrip antenna, Dual-band, SAR [1]
    N-policy, Markovian queue, State Dependent Arrivals, Breakdown. [1]
    Natural convection, Boussinesq approximation, Similarity transformation, Suction and blowing. [1]
    Natural convection, square enclosure, heat flux, finite element method, adiabatic cylinder. [1]
    Natural dye, Turmeric colorant, Mordanting, Color fastness, Eco-friendly. [1]
    Natural rubber latex, n-butyl acrylate, Irradiation, Swelling ratio, Cross-link, Reaction mechanism. [1]
    Natural rubber latex, Radiation vulcanization, Tensile strength, Tear strength, Elongation at break. [1]
    Non-linear programming, objective function ,convex-region, pivotal element, optimal solution. [1]
    Numerical model, Storm surge, Tropical cyclone, Constituent, Fourier Transformation, Tide [1]
    oad sign, text localization, OCR, speech synthesis, visually impaired. [1]
    Optical Packet Switching, Optical Burst Switching, Bulk Volume, Data Traffic and Wavedivision Multiplexing [1]
    Optimal time step, MATLAB, Trapezoidal, Implicit Euler, Runge-Kutta method and RLC circuit [1]
    Optimal time step, MATLAB, Trapezoidal, Implicit Euler, Runge-Kutta method, RLC circuit. [1]
    Optimization, Newton’s method, finite-divided-difference formula. [1]
    Paradise Threadfin, Fecundity, Gonadosomatic Index, Spawning season, Meghna River Estuary, Bangladesh [1]
    Partial Differential Equation (PDE), parabolic equation, explicit method, Red Black Gauss-Seidel, Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM), High Performance Computing (HPC), Brain Tumor. [1]
    PMIPv6, Handover Delay,NS2, FMIPv6, MIPv6, PMIPv6_Ex [1]
    Pool Boiling, Heat Flux, Wall Superhea and Correlation. [1]
    Porous plate, Heat generation, Natural convection. [1]
    porous plate, viscous dissipation and natural convection. [1]
    Radiation, Heat Generation Parameter, Viscous Dissipation Parameter, MHD, Finite Difference Method, Vertical Flat Plate. [1]
    radiation, micropolar fluid, porous medium, locally self-similar solution, heat transfer, electric conductivity. [1]
    Residuated lattice, non Distributive, Residuated Abeliean, commutative monoid: [1]
    Rot-proof, Gaab, Copper sulphate, Longevity, Nursery Pot, Hessian, Sized, Desized, [1]
    Rot-proofing, Copper ammonium carbonate, Jute fabrics, Longevity, Nursery pot. [1]
    Routing, Routing protocols, Shortest path, Packet Tracing. [1]
    Security, Message Security, Message Digest, Hill Cipher and Cipher. [1]
    Silicon nitride ceramic, electrical properties and structural properties [1]
    Simulated annealing, decomposition, probability distribution, local minima, best heat rate. [1]
    Spectrophotometer, hydrolysis, reflectance, chromatography, strength. [1]
    Spinning, Tex, Productivity, yarn and Breakages. [1]
    Strength, Mattress, Jute-cotton Union, Mechanical, Warpwise, Waftwise, Bursting [1]
    Structured cabling, conventional cabling, topology, routing, propagation delay, throughput. [1]
    Substrate Surface Finish, Tribological Performance, Surface Topography, WC-Cr-Ni Cermet [1]
    Symbol Error Probability, Probability Density Function, Moment Generating Function, Nakagami-m fading. [1]
    Tempering water, green and dry compression strength, moulding sand. [1]
    Textural properties, rocks, packing density, penetration rate, top-hole-hammer drill and quarry [1]
    The Homomorphic Filters, The Satellite Telescope Transmitted (STT) Images, Medical Images, Fourier Transform, Wavelet Transform, Entropy Ratio [1]
    Thermal conductivity, thermal resistivity, thermal diffusivity, tidal mud, volumetric heat capacity [1]
    Threads, cover factor, EPI, PPI, crimp, strength, weaving performance [1]
    Transportation table, cell, rim requirement, added capacity, optimal solution [1]
    Tribological Properties, WC-Cr-Ni Cermet, Substrate Hardness, Substrate Surface Kind [1]
    Trichoderma harzianum, T. hamatum, T. koningii, T. pseudokoningii RFLP, restriction endonuleases, 18S rRNA. [1]
    Ultrasonic Cavitation, Nanocomposites, Metal Matrix, A356 Alloy, SiC, Nano [1]
    VOD, Network-engine, PDA, Socket [1]
    Vortex Method, Bluff Body, Drag Force, Lift Force, Instability, Martensen Analys [1]
    Vortex Method, Special-Purpose Computer, MDGRAPE-2, MDGRAPE-3, Scaling Error [1]
    Waste Management Technology, Effluent, Solid Waste, Pharmaceuticals Waste. [1]
    Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA), Base Stations (BSs), Soft Hand Over (SHO), Radio Resource Management (RRM), and Quality of Services (Q0S). [1]
    WiMAX, Broadband, Third Generation, Wi-Fi. [1]
    XML encryption, Web security, sensitivity of data. [1]