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  • Circularly polarized high gain S band antenna for nanosatellite 

    Samsuzzaman, M.; Islam, M. T.; Nahar, M. K.; Mandeep, J.S.; Mansor, F.; Islam, M. M. (IOS Press, 2015)
    A circular polarized highly directional S band patch antenna for small satellite applications has been proposed in this invention. The proposed antenna comprises of a square ground plane and two circular radiating patches ...
  • Dual wideband N-shaped patch antenna loaded with shorting pin for wireless applications 

    Samsuzzaman, Md.; Islam, Mohammad T.; Mandeep, Jit S.; Nahar, K.; Islam, Md. M. (Acta Technica, 2014)
    A compact N-shaped dual band patch antenna loaded by shorting pin is designed. The lessening in patch size is achieved by perturbing the surface current path on the edge of a circular patch antenna by two triangular slots ...