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  • Effect of photonic crystal fiber background materials in sensing and communication applications 

    Ahmed, Kawsar; Islam, Md. Ibadul; Paul, Bikash Kumar; Islam, Md. Shadidul; Sen, Shuvo; Chowdhury, Sawrab; Uddin, Muhammad Shahin; Asaduzzaman, Sayed; Bahar, Ali Newaz (Elsevier, 2017-05-24)
    In this article, different photonic crystal fiber (PCF) background material effects have been studied for sensing and communication applications. By employing different PCF background materials such as BK7, silica, and ...
  • A novel star shape photonic crystal fiber for low loss terahertz pulse propagation 

    Ahmed, Fahad; Roy, Subrata; Ahmed, Kawsar; Paul, Bikash Kumar; Bahar, Ali Newaz (2018-11-26)
    An extremely low loss circle-based star shape photonic crystal fiber (CS-PCF) has been proposed for terahertz (THz) spectrum. A dielectric material TOPAS has been used for constructing the proposed model. Some important ...