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  • Circle of Trust: One-Hop-Trust-Based Security Paradigm for Resource-Constraint MANET 

    Imtiaz-Ud-Din, K. M.; Bhuiyan, Touhid; Ripon, Shamim (Springer, 2013-12-18)
    Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) suffer from acute crisis of resources in terms of battery power, computational ability, and so on. This together with its inherent salient nature makes it very difficult to design effective ...
  • Hyper-threading technology: Not a good choice for speeding up CPU-bound code 

    Qun, Ng Hui; Khalib, Z.I.A; Warip, M. N.; Elobaid, M. Elshaikh; Rahman, Mostafijur; Zahri, N.A.H.; Saad, Puteh (IEEE Xplore, 2017-01-05)
    Hyper-threading (HT) technology allows one thread to execute its task while another thread is stalled waiting for shared resource or other operations to complete. Thus, this reduces the idle time of a processor. If HT is ...