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  • Asynchronous Leader Election in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 

    Masum, Salahuddin Mohammad; Ali, Amin Ahsan; Bhuiyan, Touhid (IEEE Computer Society, 2006-04-18)
    With the proliferation of portable computing platforms and small wireless devices, the classical dilemma of leader election in mobile ad hoc networks has received attention from the research community in recent years. The ...
  • iSCSI Protocol Adaptation with NAS System via Wireless Environment 

    Allayear, Shaikh Muhammad; Park, Sung Soon; No, Jaechun (IEEE Xplore, 2008-08-05)
    In this paper, we focus on iSCSI protocol adaptation on NAS technology with mobile appliances, which are ensuring the best performance and high availability in wireless network environment. Full Text Link: http://doi.o ...