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  • Hyper-threading technology: Not a good choice for speeding up CPU-bound code 

    Qun, Ng Hui; Khalib, Z.I.A; Warip, M. N.; Elobaid, M. Elshaikh; Rahman, Mostafijur; Zahri, N.A.H.; Saad, Puteh (IEEE Xplore, 2017-01-05)
    Hyper-threading (HT) technology allows one thread to execute its task while another thread is stalled waiting for shared resource or other operations to complete. Thus, this reduces the idle time of a processor. If HT is ...
  • Test case generation for event driven systems using 4-way input test strategy 

    Rahman, Mostafijur; Othman, Rozmie Razif; Ahmad, R Badlishah; Rahman, Md. Mijanur (IEEE Xplore, 2016-04-11)
    Since 1990's Combinatorial explosion is a crucial topic in software testing domain. In this domain the exhaustive input interaction test is not practical solution to test all software configurations for generating test ...