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  • A novel star shape photonic crystal fiber for low loss terahertz pulse propagation 

    Ahmed, Fahad; Roy, Subrata; Ahmed, Kawsar; Paul, Bikash Kumar; Bahar, Ali Newaz (2018-11-26)
    An extremely low loss circle-based star shape photonic crystal fiber (CS-PCF) has been proposed for terahertz (THz) spectrum. A dielectric material TOPAS has been used for constructing the proposed model. Some important ...
  • Stability study of natural green dye based DSSC 

    Kabir, Fahmid; Sakib, Syed Nazmus; Matin, Nafisa (2018-12-18)
    Evolution of solar cell based on natural molecules flourished expeditiously, which is a good alternative for silicon-based solar cells or thin film technologies due to their low assembling cost, lightweight and flexibility. ...
  • Young tourists’ attitude towards domestic tourism: A study on Bangladesh 

    Parvez, Mahbub; Kashem, Md. Jahid Bin (ТОВ “Консалтингово-видавнича компанія “Ділові перспективи” Problems and Perspectives in Management, 2018)
    Bangladesh is a country with numerous natural attractions, which is the main product of tourism. Currently, the domestic tourism is increasing in Bangladesh rapidly, in which young tourists are the main contributors, as ...
  • Influence of Low Temperature Argon and Oxygen Plasma Treatment on Moisture Content Of Jute 

    Anwer, Md. Masroor; Bhuiyan, A. H. (Daffodil International University, 2018-11)
    Abstract—Plasma is an ionized gas and low temperature plasma (LTP) treatment is an environment friendly surface modification technique. In the present study jute fiber was treated with low temperature argon (Ar) and oxygen ...
  • “Study on Blending Effect of Cotton with Viscose for Increasing Yarn Properties” 

    Ali, Engr. Md. Taher; Iqbal, Md. Asib; Hossain, S.M Mahoruf; Alam, Md. Khorshed; Molla, Jannatul Bake (Daffodil International University, 2018-11)
    Abstract: Yarn Tenacity (Strength and Softness) increases as Modal blending ratio increases. It improves the processing performance of cotton. It improves the consistency and quality of cotton yarns. Overall ...

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