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  • Improved Echo cancellation in VOIP 

    Halder, Patrashiya Magdolina; Haque, A.K.M. Fazlul (Citeseer, 2011-11)
    VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is very popular communication technology of this century and has played tremendous role in communication system. It is preferred by all because it deploys many benefits it uses Internet ...
  • Multipath Fading Channel Optimization for Wireless Medical Applications 

    Haque, A.K.M Fazlul; Ali, Md. Hanif; Kiber, M Adnan (Citeseer, 2010-10)
    In this paper, a new method has been proposed to eliminate the intersymbol interference (ISI) and interchannel interference (ICI) for discrete multitone/orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (DMT/OFDM) systems by ...
  • High Quality Integrated Data Reconstruction for Medical Applications 

    Haque, A.K.M Fazlul; Ali, Md. Hanif; Kiber, M Adnan (Research gate, 2010-09)
    In this paper, the implementation of a high quality integrated data reconstruction model and algorithm has been proposed, especially for medical applications. Patients’ Information acquired at the sending end and reconstructed ...
  • Improved Spectrogram Analysis for ECG Signal in Emergency Medical Applications 

    Haque, A. K. M. Fazlul; Ali, Md. Hanif; Kiber, M Adnan (Research gate, 2010-09)
    This paper presents the spectrogram effect of biomedical signal, especially for ECG. Simulation module developed for the spectrogram implementation. Spectrogram based on ECG signal and power spectral density together with ...
  • Variability of Acoustic Features of Hypernasality and it’s Assessment 

    Haque, Shahina; Ali, Md. Hanif; Haque, A.K.M. Fazlul (Semantic Scholar, 2016)
    Hypernasality (HP) is observed across voiced phonemes uttered by Cleft-Palate (CP) speakers with defective velopharyngeal (VP) opening. HP assessment using signal processing technique is challenging due to the variability ...

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